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Michele Ochoa, all because of my 13 year old rescue, Lola Beez, who could only gift me with 3 years.  I'll see you at the bridge.  

What you might not know-our history of the Team Up for Tucson Toy Drive

Team Up For Tucson also provided toys, clothing and bikes to homeless children.  From 2012-1017 we donated over 12,000 new toys and 400 bikes to children living in local shelters and/or in poverty.  

We don't need paychecks

We need your help!  Volunteer at a shelter, donate to our cause, share our social media posts, foster or adopt a pet in need. 

Looking for homes

Please visit our Face Book page to help the voiceless at:

In loving memory

Simon the one we tried so hard to save. 


Check back for our next pawty!