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Team Up For Tucson, an all-volunteer nonprofit helping shelter pets.

See our success for yourself!  Team Up For Tucson a nonprofit helping shelter pets (dogs) find forever homes. 

Calla entered the shelter partially paralyzed and was scheduled to be euthanized. She now walks, runs and swims.  This amazing Chow also passed her Therapy Dog test.  

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We are an all volunteer nonprofit/501 c (3).  Our administrative costs remain below 3%.  Your donations are reaching the right paws.

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About Us


Mission Statement

Our nonprofit provides networking, protection, quality of life, rehabilitation, enrichment, medical/dental procedures, grooming, and life saving care to homeless and shelter pets in need. 


Our History

We've consistently grown since 2012, all thanks to the helping hands of our tremendous supporters!

We are a nonprofit for homeless pets, cats & dogs for adoption need your help.  


Charity was a stray found on the side of the road one night after being hit by a car. Team Up for Tucson, (nonprofit) made it our mission to save her legs and her life.  Watch this dog make an amazing recovery. Helping more than shelter pets.