Team Up For Tucson - An Arizona Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.  "TUFT" is a volunteer organization.  We do not have any paid employees.
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No Toy Drive for 2014 Cause 4 The Paws Home
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We do NOT have paid employees.  Your money is going to help the cause that is important to you. 




* All new toy donations can be dropped off at any Royal Automotive Group location or BMO Bank location. Thank you.





TUFT is fighting the long summer's epidemic of Parvo, one of the leading killers of puppies. We have a vet who has set aside an isolation ward to help homeless puppies suffering with parvo. Help us save these puppies so that they make it to their forever homes and get the healthy, happy life they all deserve. Each puppy needs emergency medical care and $40/ day can help save a life. Can you help? Every donation gets each dog closer to a successful outcome.





Happy Updates

The amazing journeys of Calla & Charity. Both were unable to walk when Team Up For Tucson decided to step in and help.

Top: Calla, Bottom: Charity




TUFT wants to thank the new adoptive parents of Annie, Stanley, and Lady for giving these great dogs a loving forever home.

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Thank you for your interest in our fundraiser. To help reduce our costs, your tickets will be provided to you at our will call table at check-in during the event. We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for supporting TUFT!





Calla was pulled from the Pima County animal shelter a few months ago. She was a shy dog that had given up on life, refusing to eat or move. This beautiful, black, dog has found her safe place. She is now eating again, she loves meeting strangers, kids and even other dogs. What's odd about Calla allowing these interactions is the Calla's back legs stopped working and she is unable to walk due to Valley Fever in her spine. She eats, she plays and she loves to be loved. Her favorite toy is her pink, plush teddy bear that she likes to have under her leg while she sleeps. She was picked up on the streets of South Tucson by an animal control officer, malnourished and fighting for her life. Calla found herself a loving foster home with her 4 animal siblings that are very protective of her. Her foster mom (a retired teacher) and Tucson Cold Wet Noses are paying for her 3 prescriptions that cost close to $175 per month. Team Up For Tucson wants to get Calla a cart so that she doesn't have to drag herself across the floor to play and she can enjoy her young life again. Calla was fitted for a mobile cart and once inside the cart this girl was UNSTOPPABLE!! She was on the move, sniffing plants, interacting with people and even eagerly took a quick stroll! We can turn Calla's life around by allowing this two year old dog mobility and freedom. The cart would cost approximately $430 and will be custom made to fit Calla. We need your help giving Calla her life back and not letting valley fever take away her right to be on the move like the other dogs in her pack. Please donate whatever you can toward her new cart.

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Calla trying to figure out her new cart

I have to admit I wasn't a believer in using these carts until I saw Calla's face when she was on the move. Carol Walker Kate Titus Terri Goddard

Posted by Michele Ochoaski on Thursday, May 28, 2015




In 2013 Team Up For Tucson (TUFT) broke another record by providing over 12,000 toys, clothing, shoes, jackets and 255 new bikes to Tucson children living in shelters or below the federal poverty level.  Thank you Tucson!


REWARD - Print Poster here

DuncanSAYING GOOD-BYE TO DUNCAN.  Team Up For Tucson with the help of a couple of Newfoundland rescue friends pulled Duncan from PACC’s sickbay about 1 month ago. He needed immediate medical help including the amputation of one of his legs. Team Up For Tucson covered all medical costs and a TUFT family and another family fostered him.  After his surgery he was doing great until 2 Saturdays ago when he had a reaction to Deramax and his sutures began to look infected. At 3am he was rushed to an emergency animal hospital where the veterinarian that was working that morning had just lost her dog, Bee, 2 weeks earlier.

BeaBee and Duncan could’ve been twins each had long black hair, a white chest and weighed 62 pounds. The vet had been to PACC searching for a new companion and with no luck decided her next dog had to find her. She took one look at Duncan and began to cry remembering her sweet Bee. When she touched Duncan’s face he actually grabbed her hand with his paws! For those of you who know Duncan this comes as no surprise he is very affectionate and intuitive. She looked at his paperwork and saw that he was a foster dog that needed a home. She said she knew instantly that she had found her dog. Duncan is now named Chepi Ochoa (meaning-Sprit Wolf) and in the best hands making a full recovery. He will be moving to VA with his forever mom, the veterinarian, and enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you to all the volunteers at PACC and the forever homes that give dogs like Chepi a new lease on life.


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